Graph Sketch 01

Graph Sketch 01 (metagenomic DNA data)
computer-generated 32ch sound, metagenomic DNA data

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Graph Sketch uses DNA data analysed from a complex ecosystem as the control information for the reproduction of sound. The DNA data is formatted in long strings of nucleobases identified by G, A, T or C. A custom Max/MSP patch interprets the range of serial combinations of nucleobases and maps these to a range of sound control parameters (sample read position, filter frequency, spatialisation, amplitude envelope, duration, delay between events). These parameters were used to create a 32-channel mapping of spatial sound.

The work investigates the complexity and noisiness of data and signal in the biological world, and how this can be combined with personal and sonic histories in making creative decisions towards aesthetic outcomes. The work also attempts to portray a sense of aliveness and connectivity between thousands of individual, isolated events.

Data courtesy of :
Professor Andrew Whiteley,
Winthrop Research Professor and WAFP Fellow School of Earth & Environment M087, University of Western Australia
Asst/Prof Deepak Kumaresan
Research Assistant Professor
School of Earth & Environment M087, University of Western Australia

Research conducted as part of a residency at SymbioticA, a biological arts facility at the University of Western Australia

Supported by a Copyright Agency Career Fund development grant.

(stereo mix)


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