Prints (Abstract Causation)

Prints (Abstract Causation)
Inkjet prints on photographic paper, 40 x 50 cm, framed

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Exhibited as part of Permutations at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, November 2018.
Contact Dominik Mersch Gallery for more information.



Delete (kong.wav) & Delete (thesis.pdf)
Delete takes different data files of an audio file and the artist’s PhD thesis and converts these into binary, and then into patterns of coloured pixels. While deconstructed from the original form, some semblance of the pattern and complexity of the original data remains and is vividly rendered as patterns of colour.


Melt (Sydney)
Melt (Sydney) attempts to investigate the ways that image data is read and presented by altering the action of reading an image file. The work uses an aerial image of Sydney captured on a smartphone, which is then converted into particles and laid out across the screen. Each particle then moves according to its colour content, gradually separating from its original layout. The result is a skewed image that conserves all the data of the original but alters the patterns and relations between pixels.


A data file is read as binary and then converted into points in 3D space. These points are then joined according to their proximity to each other. This work is an attempt to explore space, depth and relation through the use of the aesthetics of network visualisation.


Multistructure Diagram
This image translates individual frames from a video into small topographical diagrams. Each image produces a different structure and arrangement in the resulting diagram, which are then laid out in a grid. The work uses data as a form of pattern and structure that can be used to create an aesthetic interpretation of difference through its visualisation.