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The first full length album from up and coming Perth based sound-artist, Kynan Tan. Traversing a multiplicity of musical ground, raetina features glitchy beats, shimmering spectral harmonies and constantly shifting textures and employs a vast array of sound sources, from electronic glitches and noises to recorded instruments and field recordings, all of which have been processed and manipulated by Tan’s self-made computer programs.

A rhodes piano is diced up and reformed into a new rhythmic entity, modular synthesisers whiz and whir over the top of guitar chords and voices float hauntingly along an environment of sub-bass thumps and rapid glitches. The resulting eight carefully constructed tracks showcase Tan’s talent as a composer, creating an intensely atmospheric work that also concisely articulates the materials of 21st century digital music.

Physical and digital editions available from listen / hear collective.

track listing

01 – (3:21) – gleichzeitig
02 – (5:02) – skeletal (frame+axis)
03 – (3:58) – woken / under streams
04 – (5:05) – itadakimasu
05 – (4:22) – skeletal (mass)
06 – (4:24) – skeletal (altitude)
07 – (8:14) – sleepy solemn
08 – (7:01) – epiphanic

total length: 41:22