Automated Reasoning Paradigm

Automated Reasoning Paradigm
3ch video, 2ch sound, 14:40 loop

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Automated Reasoning Paradigm explores the inhabitation of contradictory and vague spaces through a critique of human relationships with digital technologies. ARP weaves together interviews and text with data visualisations, algorithmic animations and electronic sound across three screens and multiple layers of media. The work attempts to create an affective representation of what is imperceptible and unknown.

1. interviews with thinkers, writers, artists, researchers
2. audio-visual renderings of data, algorithm, computation
3. text: headlines, fiction, academia, conspiracy

1. image analysed and redrawn using computer vision code
2. utilisation of algorithmic systems to access and download materials from other algorithmic systems
3. reduction to data: duplicable, distributed, redundant, malleable — able to be shaped and reformed, translated and layered

ARP attempts to place knowledge and aesthetics in a complicated interplay. The work questions the current state of digital technologies (including surveillance, commerce of user data and algorithmic control) through interviews with researchers, theorists and artists working in this area. This footage is overcoded through computation, giving an impression of the ways in which computation senses the human.

1. algorithms are becoming increasingly important to modern existence, yet the qualities and capacities of computation are not well understood
2. modes of surveillance have changed to a mode of capture in which extensive amounts of data are recorded and duplicated using digital technologies
3. we are unaware of surrounding structures, leading to a sense of foreboding, a climate of fear that we do not have the knowledge to deal with

There is a vague sense of algorithmic actions occurring all around us, all the time.
Data storage is at once permanent and fragile.

Simultaneous contradictory positions, automated ethic, non-decision making. Perception extended beyond the sensible.
Infinite digits, microseconds, one and zero.

Every entity both an abstraction and material, diffuse and concrete, compressed and rarified, simple and complex, a lesson and already known.

1. linear progression of narrative
2. adjacency, juxtaposition, layering
3. non-linear, non-hierarchical, transversal, multiplicity

/// Exhibited

Firstdraft, Sydney, Feb 2016
Didactic Tools, Fremantle Arts Centre (Western Australia), Nov 2015

Watch excerpt on Vimeo