current projects

Primavera 2017 – Young Australian Artists
Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
23 August – 19 November 2017

ARTBAR SEPTEMBER 2017 – Primavera Edition: Curated by Elena Papanikolakis and Kynan Tan

PhD study, University of New South Wales, Art & Design, projected completion 2018




23 AUGUST – 19 NOVEMBER 2017

Primavera 2017: Young Australian Artists brings together artworks by eight artists that question natural and human-made archives, from the physical to the digital.

For the 26th edition of Primavera, curator Sophia Kouyoumdjian will work with the participating artists to explore the theme of ‘Ancient Futures’. Each work in the exhibition will consider the relationship between existence in the present, and the past, in relation to archives and collections.

Working across a range of disciplines such as collage, installation, painting, photography and video, the Primavera 2017 artists include Jacobus Capone (WA), Adam John Cullen(VIC), Nicole Foreshew (NSW), Teelah George (WA), Laura Hindmarsh (TAS/UK), Elena Papanikolakis (NSW), Tom Polo (NSW) and Kynan Tan (WA/NSW).

Curator Sophia Kouyoumdjian has worked in the arts sector for over 15 years across directorial, curatorial and exhibition management roles and is currently the Coordinator of Parramatta Artist Studios. Previously she worked as the Acting Director and Curator at Blacktown Arts Centre and has comprehensive experience in Western Sydney’s contemporary art community.

Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of Australian artists aged 35 years and under. Since 1992, the series has showcased the works of artists in the early stages of their career, many of whom have gone on to exhibit nationally and internationally.

Primavera was initiated in 1992 by Dr Edward Jackson AM and Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM and their family in memory of their daughter and sister Belinda, a talented jeweller who died at the age of 29.


Longli New Media Arts Festival

Artists: Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Owen Leong, Kynan Tan

OCTOBER 1-5 2016
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art will present the works of three Australian artists as part of the inaugural Longli International New Media Arts Festival in Longli Ancient Town, China, in early October 2016.
Three Sydney-based artists of Chinese heritage have been selected for participation by 4A: Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Sydney-based singer, producer and performance artist whose works investigate translation, diaspora and the fluid relationship between original and copy; Owen Leong, a contemporary artist exploring the transmission of culture and the body as a physical site of exchange; and Kynan Tan, a Perth-born, Sydney-based artist interested in networks, relationality and digital systems of control.Accompanied to the Festival by 4A Program Manager Pedro de Almeida, the three artists will respond to the Festival’s theme “Metabolism” with a series of media works, to be installed within an ancient temple.

Longli International New Media Arts Festival is supported by the China Culture Industrial Investment Fund, and focuses focused on the integration of regional culture with the folk culture of Longli, to make artistic works strike a chord with the Ancient City of Longli in various new ways.
Longli International New Media Arts Festival runs from 1 – 5 October, 2016.

Festival dates:
1 – 5 October, 2016

Festival venue:

To find out more or arrange an interview with the artists or curator, contact Bridie Moran, Marketing, Communications and Development Manager at 4A:, +61 402926031

The Longli Media Arts Festival is to be situated in Longli Ancient town, listed as one of the ecological museums in Guizhou for the cooperation between China and the Kingdom of Norway due to its profound ecological cultural deposits. The town has enchanted artists from all over the world.
As a result, the China Culture Industrial Investment Fund will offer critical support to the Longli International New Media Arts Festival in terms of partnership promotions, investment and financing, talent training, technical support and expert consulting. The Fund will also encourage the organizers to apply for China’s special funds for cultural industry development this year.


new zealand shows

// Christchurch
Sculptures: 5 – kinetic sound art installation
Opening: 2nd April, 6-8pm
Show runs 2nd April – 5th May 2015
The Auricle :: Facebook event

// Dunedin
Friday 3rd April
The Dunedin Art Gallery
Facebook event

// Auckland
Sunday 5th April
Audio Foundation

// Wellington
Tuesday 7th April
Pyramid Club

All shows with Andrew Brooks as té.

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FAC print award :: highly commended

city constructed from sleeping brain activity data was judged Highly Commended at the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2014.


city constructed from sleeping brain activity data (2013)
twenty one 3D-printed sculptures

This set of sculptures was created using data collected from sleeping brain activity that has been converted into 3D meshes, rendered using computer software and then printed. This data presents a non-narrative view of the thought activity occurring in sleeping individuals. Abstract relationships are formed – the constructed ‘buildings’ are at times peculiar, dark and dream-like, and other times reminiscent of modernist architecture, drawing links between abstract/subconscious thought, creativity and conversions between media.

The work is inspired by Carl Jung’s writings surrounding dreams and the commonly expressed view that the internet is a repository of outsourced information, thoughts and memories. This work addresses this idea by procuring this data from the expanse of the internet and connecting multiple individuals’ brain activity to form a 3-dimensional array, linking the collective unconscious of the internet with sound, video and physical structures.


successor states

In association with Tura New Music

One show only: 31 October, 7.30pm-9.30pm (5x20mins sets with interval)
$15 pre-sales / $18 door

Premiere of new work

graph sketch of DNA data
32ch sound

This work uses DNA data analysed from a complex ecosystem as the control information for the reproduction of sound. The DNA data is formatted in long strings of nucleobases identified by G, A, T or C. Self-built software interprets the range of serial combinations of nucleobases and maps these to a range of sound control parameters (sample read position, filter frequency, spatialisation, amplitude envelope, duration, delay between events).

The work investigates the complexity and noisiness of data and signal in the biological world, and how this can be combined with personal and sonic histories in making creative decisions towards aesthetic outcomes.


Didactic Tools Exhibition & Symposium


didactic tools group project with Sam Fox + Hydra Poesis

– – – – – – – – – –

Fremantle Arts Centre
Opening Fri 20 Nov | 6:30pm | Free
Exhibition runs Sat 21 Nov 2015 – Sun 24 Jan 2016
Workshop Symposium Sat 21 Nov 2015, 9:00am-5:00pm

Tarsh Bates (WA)
Keg de Souza (NSW)
Sam Fox (WA)
Jake Oorloff (Sri Lanka)
Kynan Tan (WA/NSW)

– – –

Didactic Tools features five artists responding to the current explosion of instructional and educational culture; from YouTube tutorials and TED to the proliferation of data visualisation and analytics, digital whistleblowing and new political movements.

The ensemble of artists brings together disciplines of performance, visual, sound and media art with biological science and architectural practice.

Through collective research – sharing their own tools and conducting experiments in peer-to-peer education – the artists have drawn lines between the vast field of sub-cultures and movements in which teaching and learning now thrive.

Didactic Tools presents five artists embracing the challenges of working with knowledge in art, each considering in their own way how the transference of the work’s ‘source code’ (information/intention/meaning/provocation/polemic) might resonate with its evocative qualities.

This project has been convened by Perth-based company Hydra Poesis and organised by artists Kynan Tan and Sam Fox.


FAC print award

city constructed from sleeping brain activity data is being exhibited as part of the Fremantle Art Centre Print Award.

Opening Thurs 25 Sept | 6:30pm | Bar Open | Live Music By Mei Saraswati
Runs Fri 26 Sept – Sun 16 Nov | Free

The annual Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award supported by Little Creatures Brewing is Australia’s premier printmaking award and presents a showcase of our nation’s finest prints and artists’ books. Returning for its 39th year, the award and exhibition reflects the state of printmaking in contemporary Australian art practice. Emerging and established artists submit some 300 entries a year with a selection of the best entries exhibited.

Perspectives [macro]-08-Photography By Dan McCabe


club zho


8pm Monday 8th September 2014
The Bakery

Tickets available through The Bakery or at the door.

Club Zho 111 continues at The Bakery with a diverse array of new electronic music. Kynan Tan presents his thought-provoking laptop electronics stylings following on from his recent audiovisual work at PICA, whilst the Western Australian Laptop Orchestra presents new commissioned works by Australian composers Mitchell Mollison, James Paul and Jarryd Bird.

Kynan Tan

Kynan Tan is an artist who works with digital processes to investigate networks, data transference and relational structures between multiple senses. These works take the form of multi-screen audio-visual performances, installations, 3D-printed sculptures, improvised sound, and kinetic artworks involving electronic circuits, speakers and lights. Kynan has been the recipient a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship (2013), Australia Council Artstart grant (2013), and participated in the JUMP Mentorship Program (2012), studying with renowned audio- visual artist Robin Fox. Kynan has performed in Japan, Germany and throughout Australia, including events such as Test Tone (Tokyo), Channels Video Art Festival (Melbourne) and the NOW now Festival of Art (Sydney), and his works have also been exhibited at MOCA, Taipei, Taiwan, NH7 Festival, Pune, India and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

The Western Australian Laptop Orchestra

The West Australian Laptop Orchestra (WALO) is an electroacoustic ensemble, based at The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, that specialises in presenting new and unique live electronic music. Drawing it’s influence from other successful laptop orchestras from around the world, WALO is interested in forging relationships with arts organisations and live music programs to bring an exciting and diverse range of new ensemble-based electronic music from out of the shadow of academic institutions and into the public eye.

Club Zho 111 is presented by Tura New Music in association with the Bakery



What I See When I Look At Sound


12 July – 31 August 2014
Central Galleries, PICA
Curated by Leigh Robb

11th July 2014 – Opening night performances and DJs

What I See When I Look at Sound is an exhibition of sound that launches new pieces by five outstanding Australian artists. Each artist has designed a work for extended play within PICA’s galleries, speculating on what it means to visualise and encounter sound art today. The works are each systems unto themselves, often manipulating the creative process of improvisation while relying on graphic notations, code, algorithms and applications to generate or imagine new compositions.

Matthew Gingold has created an extraordinary self-playing orchestra in which the instruments are light bulbs, radios and relays, creating a symphony of signals, shadows and electronic chatter. Cat Hope’s sound sculpture of seven bass guitars and amps is a reverb tower of feedback which stands in dialogue with Lauren Brown’s silent catalogue of sounds meditating on the way we listen to, see, transcribe and share sound. Kynan Tan’s double projection and multi-screen work creates isolated and controlled sonic and visual chambers, a counterpoint to Lyndon Blue’s interactive installation is a strange mystical and malleable music video in which found film footage and a soundtrack composed by the artist is manipulated by visitors via a theremin.

What I See When I Look at Sound is a response to the rise of sound art practices and international sound art shows in galleries, and the need to create a platform with a focus for Australian artists who are working dynamically across thresholds of music, sound and visual art. PICA has long been engaged with experimental music and interdisciplinary practices and is always seeking to create exciting and defining moments for artforms, artists and to connect audiences directly with these.

The exhibition was also informed by phonograph, an exhibition at ddd gallery in Osaka in 2011, curated by artist and musicologist Yukio Fujimoto and his comment that “people today hear sounds with their eyes and see pictures with their ears”. What I See When I Look at Sound deliberately confuses those registers and invites a selection of Australia’s most interesting and experimental artists and musicians to both visualise and sonorise this idea.

The exhibition title is inspired by What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami, itself a play on Raymond Carver’s collection of short stories What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Both are very human responses, memoirs of sorts of about personal experiences of running and romance. Deliberately playing with the logic and singular focus of these popular books, What I See When I Look at Sound asks artists and visitors to the show to really question the relationship between looking and hearing; between our eyes and ears and the interplay of our senses in how we make sense of the world today. This exhibition unites radically different manifestations and improvisations on the theme of seeing and shaping sound. The works in the exhibition are synaesthetic offerings for our senses, profoundly shifting the registers that we usually associate with sound.