Automated Logistics Simulation

Automated Logistics Simulation
2ch computer-generated simulation

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Automated Logistics Simulation is a pseudo-photorealistic recreation of a robot-operated logistics warehouse in virtual space. It references the currently operating automated warehouses of online shopping services such as Ocado (UK), and the trend towards automation in companies such as Amazon (USA) and (CH). These systems attempt to maximise efficiencies of space and labour by deploying robots to perform tasks, such as moving and reordering items to be packaged and delivered. By using generative algorithms to control the traffic and sequencing of movement, the work is interested in the aesthetics, movements, and feeling of these spaces, especially the way order and elegance is paired with anxiety and complexity. By simulating this real-world space, Automated Logistics Simulation questions how changing technology necessitates transformation of the aesthetics, affects and feelings of labour and work.

Exhibited as part of Permutations at Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, November 2018