/// Kynan Tan (b. 1988) | |

/// cv (selected)

/ exhibitions
2019 | ENTER, Lyon Housemuseum Galleries, Melbourne
2019 | Club4A, Dynasty Karaoke Bar, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney
2018 | Unfettered, Unhallowed Arts, University of Western Australia, Perth
2018 | Permutations, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney
2018 | Beijing Media Arts Biennale, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2018 | Processing Data, UNSW Galleries, Sydney
2017 | Primavera 2017, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2017 | Co•–st•–l W•–ve Tr•–nsl•–tor, Critical Animals, This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle (with Devon Ward)
2017 | _FOUNDATIONS_2100_, City of Perth Winter Arts Festival, (with Devon Ward)
2017 | Co•–st•–l W•–ve Tr•–nsl•–tor, RAFT artist-run space, Elizabeth Quay, Perth (collaboration with Devon Ward)
2016 | Longli International New Media Art Festival, Longli Ancient Town, Jinping County, Guizhou Province, China
2016 | Polymorphism, Ideas Platform, Artspace, Sydney
2016 | Automated Reasoning Paradigm, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2015 | Didactic Tools, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth
2015 | Dead Ringer, curated by Leigh Robb, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2015 | Pica Salon, curated by Leigh Robb and Nadia Johnson, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2015 | sculptures: 5, The Auricle, Christchurch, New Zealand
2015 | Firstdraft Auction, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2014 | What I See When I Look At Sound, curated by Leigh Robb, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2014 | Print Award, Fremantle Arts Centre
2014 | hyperthymesia, State of the Art Festival, State Library of Western Australia
2014 | sculptures: 4, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2014 | perspectives [micro], NOW now Festival Group Show, SNO Gallery, Sydney
2013 | perspectives [macro], free range gallery, Perth
2012 | NH7 festival, Pune, India
2011 | Wonderland, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 | hypnogenia, Scitech Science Museum, Perth

/ residencies
2014 | SymbioticA Research Residency, Biological Arts Facility, University of Western Australia
2013-15 | Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts Resident Artist, Perth
2013 | Performance Space Quickfire Residency, Carriageworks, Sydney (as Té with Andrew Brooks)

/ awards
2015-18 | Australian Postgraduate Award, Research Excellence Scholarship
2014 | Highly Commended award for city constructed from sleeping brain activity data, Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award, Perth
2014 | Visual Arts New Work Grant, Australia Council (as Té with Andrew Brooks)
2013 | Best Design for Wintering by Aimee Smith, Western Australian Dance Awards (video design, in collaboration with Ben Taaffe and Craig McElhinney)
2013 | Young People and the Arts Fellowship, WA Department of Culture and the Arts
2013 | Australia Council Artstart Grant
2013 | WA Screen Awards, Outstanding Achievement Award: Best Interactive Narrative for Sound Chamber (with Yvette Coyne and Malcolm Riddoch)
2012 | JUMP Mentorship Grant, to study with audio-visual artist Robin Fox
2010 | Decibel Commission, to compose the audio-visual work Split Mirror Planes

/ performances
2018 | Beijing Media Arts Biennale, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2017 | CAPTCHA, Everyday Machines #2, curated by Tom Smith, Alaska Projects, Sydney
2017 | NOW now Festival, 107 Projects, Sydney
2017 | Audible Edge Festival, presented by Tone List and Tura New Music, Perth
2016 | Everyday Machines #1, curated by Tom Smith, Alaska Projects, Sydney (as Té with Andrew Brooks)
2016 | Pretty Gritty series, curated by Gail Priest, 107 Projects, Sydney
2016 | Electrofringe: New Terrains, Top Floor at Wellington, Sydney
2014 | perspectives [temporal], solo audio-visual concert, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2014 | NOW now Festival of Arts, Sydney (as Té with Andrew Brooks)
2012-14 | multiplicity – large-scale, dual-screen audio-visual work presented at: Perth Cultural Centre Screen Program, 2014; Test Tone, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan, 2013; Channels Video Art Festival, Melbourne, 2013; fractal shale, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Performance Space, 2012; NOW now festival program launch, Sydney, 2012; fractal shale, Tape Projects, Melbourne, 2012
2014 | Cinematic Scores, live soundtrack to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s Lichtspiel Schwarz Weiss Grau, Perth Fringe Festival, Packenham Street Art Space, Perth
2013 | International Computer Music Festival, Western Australian Museum (as Té with Andrew Brooks)
2012-13 | consciousness – large-scale audio-visual work presented at: Nu Things, Osaka, 2013; Tape Projects, Melbourne, 2012; AV Union, Sydney, 2012; Terrace Bar, Newcastle, 2012; The Bakery, Perth, 2012
2013 | Japan tour, solo audio-visual performances and as Té with Andrew Brooks, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo
2011 | split mirror planes – for four instruments and four audio/visual sources, commissioned by Decibel new music ensemble – premiered at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2010 | lucidity – major composition for electroacoustic ensemble: acoustic instruments, computer processing, sound synthesis and video projections performed at The Bakery, Perth

/ curating and organising
2017 | ARTBAR September 2017, Primavera edition with Elena Papanikolakis, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2017-18 | Black Box Series, experimental sound performances, UNSW Art & Design (co-organiser)
2014-15 | Didactic Tools, co-curated with Sam Fox (Hydra Poesis), artist lab in November 2014, exhibition Fremantle Arts Centre 2015
2013 | fractal shale, Tape Projects, Melbourne
2012 | fractal shale, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Performance Space

/ recordings
2014 | 100% hits by Té (Andrew Brooks and Kynan Tan), album, torrent download, self-released
2014 | syllepsis by Motion, album, download, Wood and Wire
2013 | circuitous by Té, album, vinyl + download, hellosQuare
2012 | live recording 28072012 by Té, EP, CD + download, self-released
2012 | raetina, album, CD + download, listen / hear collective

/ collaborations
2019 | Wikileaks the Ballet, with Hydra Poesis, Sam Fox and Dickie Beau
2014-16 | microLandscapes (sound, visuals, programming), interdisciplinary dance project by Emma Fishwick
2017 | Rainbow Chan – The Creator, music video
2016 | Collaborations with Devon Ward ( Co•–st•–l W•–ve Tr•–nsl•–tor and _FOUNDATIONS_2100_) (ongoing)
2013-16 | Bodied Assemblies (sound), improvised dance work by Rhiannon Newton
2013 | Three Squared, (sound), dance work by Rhiannon Newton with Unkempt Dance
2013 | Prompter (visuals and sound design), hybrid theatre work by Hydra Poesis, premiered at Arts House Meat Market, Melbourne
2013 | Wintering (visuals), dance work by Aimee Smith, premiered at State Theatre Underground, Perth

/ reviews and publications
2019 | Enter Catalogue, Lyon Housemuseum Galleries, Melbourne
2017 | Primavera Catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
2016 | Territories Within a Political Ecology by Ashley Haywood, Rochford Street Review
2015 | Dead Ringer Catalogue, PICA Press
2014 | Compulsively obsessive art & sound, review of What I see When I Look At Sound by Darren Jorgenson, RealTime Magazine
2014 | Shifting the Registers, review of What I See When I Look At Sound by John Mateer, Art Monthly Magazine
2013 | Review of perspectives [macro] by Steve Paraskos, Partial Durations (RealTime affiliate)
2013 | Pleasures Synaesthetic and Crystalline by Sam Gillies, review of fractal shale, RealTime
2011 | Slippage of Sound and Sight by Henry Anderson, review of Decibel Camera Obscura concert, RealTime

/ education
2015-18 | PhD, University of New South Wales Art & Design
2007-11 | Bachelor of Music: Music Technology (First Class Honours), Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University

/ writing
2017 | Computational Audio-Visual Temporalities, Writing Around Sound, edited by Richard Keys and Jo Burzynska
2016 | Materialising the Conditions of Computation, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts
2014 | Notes on Translation, Das SUPERPAPER, edited by Caleb Kelly (as Té with Andrew Brooks)
2014 | Philosophical Investigations, Un Magazine, (as Té with Andrew Brooks)

/ academic and teaching
2019-20 Postdoctoral Fellow, UNSW Art & Design
2018 | Research Assistant, UNSW Art & Design
2017 | The Learning Space Program Officer, The Connection, Rhodes, NSW (ongoing)
2016 | Sessional Tutor, Narrative, Form and Time – Interactive Design, University of Technology Sydney
2015-16 | Sessional Tutor, Data Rendering, UNSW Art & Design
2012-14 | Sessional Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts