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syllepsis – figure of speech in which one single word or phrase joins, modifies or governs two or more (often not mutually appropriate) words

motion are a band that seek to explore the possibilities of experimental improvised music. Formed in Melbourne in 2008, the group is now spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Their music draws on experimentalism, avant-garde jazz, left-field electronic music and more. The result is a music that deconstructs song forms, explores textural possibilities and is both hypnotic and immersive. motion have released 2 albums with the Perth-based label, Listen/Hear Collective.

syllepsis sees Perth-based multi-media artist, Kynan Tan join the band to aid in the creation of a collection of music where electronics and instruments meet in a constant state of tension and release.

available from Wood and Wire


sounds by andrew brooks, brett thompson, berish bilander, sam zerna, hugh harvey, kynan tan
recorded by robin gray @ alan eaton studio, november 2012
mixed by andrew brooks and kynan tan
mastered by chris townend
artwork by kynan tan
produced by motion

This recording is anti-copyright