Metamodel.DNA, 2016, three models, 3D-printed PLA plastic, DNA data

Metamodel.DNA uses data pertaining to both the DNA of homo sapiens, and that of bacteria commonly found within the human body. This was then algorithmically processed, combined, and reformed into a 3d-model, then printed. Complex, dense, and wrapped in fine threads, the works articulate a fragile and tenuous connection between the interdependence of humans with technologies and other forms of life. The work also questions the process of working with data in order to create aesthetic outcomes, attempting to create a rendering that conveys aspects of the relations between data sources that is not apparent within the data itself.

metamodel.dna_lactobacillius-rhamnosus_angle metamodel.dna_clostridium-difficile_angle metamodel.dna_bacteroides-fragilis_angle

metamodel.dna_bacterioids-fragilis_detail metamodel.dna_clostridium-difficile_detail metamodel.dna_lactobacillius-rhamnosus_detail metamodel.dna_lactobacillius-rhamnosus_detail2