• What I See When I Look At Sound

    12 July – 31 August 2014 Central Galleries, PICA Curated by Leigh Robb 11th July 2014 – Opening night performances and DJs What I See When I Look at Sound is an exhibition of sound that launches new pieces by five outstanding Australian artists. Each artist has designed a work for extended play within PICA’s…

  • The Western Fringe: Experimental Music in Perth

    Article published on 2ser website (Sydney)

  • hyperthymesia at the State of the Art Festival

    co-presented by WAM and the State Library WA for the State of the Art Festival on 31/5/2014 – – – Kynan Tan hyperthymesia (25 years of non-linear western australian history) 5 screens / 5 channels video, 2 channels sound 2014 Kynan Tan has created a new audio-visual artwork for exhibition at the State Library in…

  • interview for cut common

    Kynan Tan is a Perth-based audio visual artist whose work asks compelling questions about the data-filled world we live in today. Working with a glitch based idiom, his music focuses on the sonification of the unseen structures that underpin our existence. He is currently working on a new exhibition that will round out his perspectives…

  • studio night talk

    9pm, Thursday 17 April 2014 Kynan Tan and Sam Fox will talk about their collaborative project, ‘Didactic Tools’, which involves the repurposing of teaching aides, and educational structures to probe the problematic area where art meets accumulated knowledge and/or resolution. Hosted by Miik Green.

  • sand stems

    2014 remix EP digital Room40 – Sand Stems 1-7 is an EP of remixes using material from Austin Buckett’s Grain Loops. Buckett asked for new perspectives on the archival-esque material from 7 different artists: Andrew Pekler (Germany), Giuseppe Ielasi (Italy), Delofi (Leaving Records, USA), sought-after footworker DJ Earl (Teklife, Chicago) alongside Australian artists Te’ (Kynan…

  • safARI exhibition sydney

    metronymy will be exhibited alongside Benjamin Forster’s work at DNA Projects in Chippendale, Sydney as part of SafARI. Opens Friday 14th March runs until 4th April more information metronymy 2014 4-channel audio, micro-computers, speakers, amplifiers metronymy explores language in relation to sound, communication and meaning. The work attempts to break down and recombine the particles…

  • cinematic scores

    20140222 PS Art Space Live soundtrack to the experimental film work Lichtspiel Schwarz Weiss Grau (Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1930) presented by Parenthesis Records social media

  • current projects

    Postdoctoral Fellow – UNSW Art & Design – 2019

  • review: partial durations

    Published in Partial Durations (Realtime) Kynan Tan Perspectives [macro] Free Range Gallery 9 December, 2013 By Steve Paraskos Kynan Tan’s first solo exhibition, perspectives [macro] explores the concept of a massive network of points as viewed from a singular perspective. Tan’s idea is that each individual point within a network or system is constantly and…