support material

support material by Kynan Tan



perspectives [temporal]
2ch HD video, 4.1ch sound
~ 40 minutes

[temporal] explores the Einsteinian concept of gravitation, in which mass influences how objects travel through both time and space. The perspectives series looks at computer simulations and networks of particles as simulacra for atomic, biological, ecological, and social systems, investigating the effects of movement and time when considering the gravitational forces at work on each and every entity within a system.

[temporal] carves a path in non-linear time and space, demonstrating how structures move when the perception of time is constantly being altered due to the objects’ fluctuating mass. The work accentuates an abstract, sensory experience of data and algorithm. The goal of this work is to create an assemblage of sound and image that is an unpredictable yet articulate reflection on non-linearity, temporality and duration.

hyperthymesia (25 years of non-linear western australian history)
5 channels video, 2 channels sound

hyperthymesia rearranges and resequences every frame from every music video by Western Australian artists available on YouTube, forming an intense, rapid montage of non-consecutive memories. Presented through 5 screens and accompanying sound, the work looks at the visual and sonic identity of Western Australian music from an objective, data-focused and computerised standpoint.

The work utilises internet-based resources- the world-facing perspective that is presented by the extreme isolation of Perth and sparsely inhabited Western Australia. These resources are then rearranged in time and placed adjacent temporally. The resulting experiential artwork presents to the viewer thousands of moments in time from Western Australia’s music history, creating an overload of the senses and forcing the creation of a new representation and identity.



Perspectives [macro]-03-Photography By Dan McCabe

Perspectives [macro]-08-Photography By Dan McCabe

Perspectives [macro]-01-Photography By Dan McCabe

photos by Dan McCabe


photos by Sohan Ariel Hayes

city constructed from sleeping brain activity data (2013)
3D printed sculptures, custom plinth

This set of sculptures was created using data collected from sleeping brain activity that has been converted into 3D meshes, rendered using computer software and then printed. This data presents a non-narrative view of the thought activity occurring in sleeping individuals. Abstract relationships are formed – the constructed ‘buildings’ are at times peculiar, dark and dream-like, and other times reminiscent of modernist architecture, drawing links between abstract thought, creativity and conversions between media.